Saturday, April 30, 2011


Weird thing...

It's Rainageddon and last night we were caught in a torrential downpour, arriving home last night I left my open umbrella outside in the hall to dry out. I remembered it just now and went out to retrieve it but found it on the door handle of my across the hall neighbor. On my door handle was a dry purple polka dot umbrella.

Was I supposed to trade umbrellas? No matter, I took my wet umbrella of his door and left his much more girly one on mine.

What's the umbrella etiquette on this?

Pension Party

A last hoorah at Suncoast Pension happened a few weeks ago. I had my pension family in tow and we had delicious food, beautiful sunsets, a rockstar hot tub, a Wii Bowling Championship Game, and another Big Chill-esque weekend.

Our pension family has gotten smaller and bigger throughout the year but the one thing I really enjoy is the escape from the city and the inevitable fond memories and laughs that come out of these trips.

A new Bro-mance is forged

Ignore the boys, check out the view!

Grampa took a walk after lunch and fell asleep sunbathing next to hot tub

Liz relaxes by doing work

Loser of Wii Bowling (Haglin) has to give a pony ride to the Champ (Usher)

Family Breakfast
My favorite thing about my past two years here in Seoul were these weekend getaways. I regret not having done a pension my first year here and if I talk to any newbies coming to Seoul I would recommend planning as much of these as possible. They aren't expensive (probably the same amount as a weekend of partying in Hongdae or Gangam on Friday and Saturday) and if you are with the right group of people it really is a blast.

You may have noticed a long delay between my last post and this. I've been putting off the inevitable fact that I have less than two weeks left here in Korea. I'm going to leave my coup de grĂ¢ce until the last possible second but will try to put more posts up before my departure.

It's a rainy Saturday (after an AWESOME 3am thunderstorm) so I've been spending the morning packing and organizing as much as possible as I know I won't get the time to do it during my last frantic days here.

 However I had to take a break and wanted to continue my productivity. We're almost to the light in the tunnel, readers. Will keep you updated on the progress of our journey soon!