Friday, December 31, 2010

The Aqworium

My desire to have children of my own is not very great. That is until I go with my students to a museum or an aquarium. If I had my own bebes, we would be doing something like this all the time. I just love how their minds and curiosity go into overdrive at these places. Mentally stimulated cutie patooties! I actually did pretend that Joy and Lauren were my own little twins.

Looking for clams, Harry?

First touch pool

Annie and Alex

Joy and Lauren


Second Touch  Pool

A shark ate Joy!

My "chirren"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Tol!

The day after Christmas, I tracked back down to Anyang for Baby J's Tol. Rick and Joo's beautiful baby girl just celebrated her first birthday.

The adorable family

The super sweet spread

Such a proud Papa!

Lighting the birthday cake candle

A baby's first birthday in Korea is very significant. If a baby reached one, it survived possibly the hardest year.

Here's a clip of Baby J's Toljabee. (Click on the link to get Wiki-schooled on what a Toljabee is)

The reason why I'm cheering is because the guests take part in a pool to predict what Baby J will grab and I chose the money!

Anyang We Have Heard on High!

our Xmas Eve spread: bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp cocktail, eggplant tapanade, nuts, olives, and cookies!

Trying to pull of Kris Kringle but coming off as Zeus

Wake Up!! Santa came!!

Mindy played the role of Santa

Justin played the role of spastic younger brother

Jamie wondering where the mistletoe is at

Santa or Hugh Hefner? You decide.

We really got dolled up for Christmas portraits
What did Santa bring me this year?
  • tights
  • leggings
  • chocolate
  • a book about animals as unlucky in love as i
  • the most traditional christmas one can have whilst living abroad

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry (Late) Christmas!!

Our Christmas Concert went off without a hitch (almost). Our cheap Casio tape decks weren't working properly and our CD began to skip. My Orange Owls, being the seasoned professionals they are, looked nervously at me like, "what the @#^! do we do?!!?" They did their cover of "All I Want for Christmas" acapella and dammit, Mariah Carey herself would have been proud.

Here's their version of Silver Bells

I really am so proud, they worked their tushes off and never complained. This Grinch's heart definitely grew three sizes more seeing them do their song and play.

Hope you guys had a good Noel! More to come before the year's end!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010